Inexpensive Moto G launched and headed to India

Google’s acquisition of Motorola is finally fructifying for Android enthusiasts. Motorola has announced a new Android smart phone Moto G starting at $179 (US Price) for 8GB version and $199 for 16GB variant. It has interesting specifications considering its price and  guarantee to get Android Kit Kat upgrade. It boasts of 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU by Snapdragon with 1 GB of RAM.

Full specifications: OS 4.3, Screen: 4.5 720HD 329 ppi, Processor: Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU,Battery: 2070 mAh, Camera: 5MP, 1.3MP Front. Price: 8GB model is $179 USD, 16GB model is $199 USD.

Moto G’s specifications may not be top notch but are really praiseworthy considering the value for money. Since it will get Android Kit-Kat upgrade, which is not a guzzler of high-end specs, this can be a real game changer.

Indians can also rejoice as it is slated to be launched in India in January next year. It will surely give a big headache to likes of Micromax and Karbonn considering the price and brand.

If priced suitably for Indian market, it will sell like hot cake here. Motorola had wind up its presence of India and it seems it is likely to come back with a bang.

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Predictions for Mobile OS platforms for coming year.

It’s an interesting era for technology freaks. We are witnessing a rapid development in all around consumer and industrial technology field. Especially, Mobile technology has been quite hot for few years now. Apple, Google and Samsung have been clear winners with Microsoft and Blackberry lagging behind. However recent events may throw up some new winners next year.

Windows has been trying hard to push its mobile platform with its collaboration with Nokia. Nokia seems to be only OEM interested in Windows mobile after their own Symbian failed and they wrongly left Meego OS behind. The collaboration did not produce great numbers for both however at least kept the platform floating. Some of the devices in Lumia have done well especially the lowered priced ones like Lumia 620. However still they are behind Google and Apple which remain top two players.However MS is going to takeover Nokia’s mobile business soon and it throws up some interesting prospects.

Microsoft charges Nokia for using its mobile OS platform on their Lumia range. After its acquisition of Nokia, it can decrease the prices of newer and existing devices to make them more attractive for consumers. With time, they are likely to catch up in app department as well. We also know Windows mobile OS is not very hardware resource hungry and MS can offer some really inexpensive devices which can help it pose as a serious contender in developing markets like China and India.

Another interesting case is of Blackberry. They introduced BB OS 10 however their fortunes never changed for better. They were even up for sale but now it has been put up on hold. However they can still survive as a niche player. Their OS is considered to be more secured and they still have large government contracts in US and Canada. Their Enerprise email service and Messaging services are still top notch. I believe Blackberry will try to position as a niche service provider and try to stay relevant in Enterprise market. In the interim, they can try to work on latest OS and make it popular.

So we can see that bottom rung players still have a chance. However Android will still be the King. They have made their new version Android 4.4 KitKat less resource hungry and targeting for next billion devices. It can be run easily on devices having memory as low as 512 MB. This will allow lesser known brands like Xiomi and Micromax to reduce their cost and compete on even footing with the King Samsung. Samsung is likely to be challenged by these contenders in developing markets with greater force.

Then we have upcoming Linux based platform like Mozilla and Ubuntu which have earned a fair share of press this year and are likely to come up with more device ideas next year. Hence we are going to see a lot of action ! Fasten your seat belts and enjoy.

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Prateek Jain's Blog

दुनिया एक मेला हैं,हम इसकी भीड़ का एक हिस्सा
चाहे तो इसकी भीड़ मैं खो जाओ
चाहे तो इससे हटकर दिखलाओ.
चाहे तो इसके इतिहास मैं कही खो जाओ
चाहे तो इतिहास का एक सुनहरा पल बन जाओ.
चाहे तो आगे बढ़कर स्वयं को पहचान लो
चाहे तोह अपनी पहचान भुलाकर
ऐसे ही मिट जाओ .
चाहे तो इसके गर्भ मैं समां जाओ
चाहे तो अपनी माँ की कोख
का क़र्ज़ चूका जाओ.
चाहे तो जीकर भी मर जाओ
चाहे तोह मरकर भी अमर हो जाओ.
यह तुम्हारी चाह हैं
जो चाहो कर वोह कर जाओ.

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Politics or hatred?

Remember those times when even opponents used to have mutual admiration for each other. When people used to act out of respect and humility towards their competitions.

It’s still prevalent in sports, for example, R. Nadael and R. Federer have great mutual respect for each other. Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne never said ill about each other. Even in technology and business fields, we have examples like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They were fierce competitors but never uttered a word of disrespect against each other.

However i do not understand why same can’t happen in Indian politics. Why Congress and BJP or any other parties are engaged in mud- slinging rather than a constructive debate.  Instead of fighting on Twitter and on streets, they can keep some decency and engage in a constructive dialog and positive criticism.

It is right to find fault in each other ideologies however using names like “Maut Ka Saudagar” and “Khooni Panja” does not reek of mutual decency. It seems like a race of hurling abuses and counterattacks.

Dear Leaders, Please take a note and try to be a bit decent and well- mannered. Whole nation looks upto you and deserves a basic personality trait which all of educated follows must have- a behaviour that confirms to standards of respectability.

We want a proper political debate, not a race of hurling abuses. I hope better sense prevails.


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According to Wikipedia, Journalism is the investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends to a broad audience. Though there are many variations of journalism, the ideal is to inform the intended audience about topics ranging from government and business organizations to cultural aspects of society such as arts and entertainment. The field includes editing, photojournalism, and documentary.

Intellectuals consider Media as a pillar of democracy along with Government, Judiciary and Citizens. Then Journalism, notwithstanding, is an important constituent of modern democracy. It has the power to reach the masses, influence the opinion and conscience of people, ignite debate and also, sometimes, bring about a revolutionary change in society.

Consider it-be it the India Against Corruption movement or covering of various scams, Journalistic Media has always played its part in galvanising opinions. It played a critical part in ensuring our brothers and sisters from North East that they are a part of us and need not to feel unsafe in their own country. The role of media has been commendable during various times for unearthing corruption, giving our unsung heroes their recognition wherever it was due.

However now a days, we are witnessing increasing cases of Yellow journalism which is defined as following by Wikipedia-Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.

You may have seen various news report on channels like India TV which is a master in Yellow Journalism. Reports like Crop Circle, Alien sightings etc are common on this channel without any basis to prove it. Even reputed news channel like Aaj Tak, NDTV have started following the trend to attract more viewers.

All would have been fine if this malpractice had remain limited to non-significant reports however we are witnessing a trend in which these channels sensationalise even petty issues. An example could be the news about the tiff between Shah Rukh and Salman. A lot of time and energy is wasted on affairs of no importance.
Another disturbing element is projecting people like MNS Chief Raj Thackeray are projected like influential leaders. Consider this; what will you call a person who propagates regionalism and hatred against people of a certain state-probably anti-social. Such person should not be given any coverage whatsoever. These persons are publicity seekers and can be quarantined by avoiding them.

Another issue is regarding favouritism. There have been instances where news papers and channels have been accused of distorting news to favour a particular person or party.

However in the wake of increasing competition amongst news channel, what can be done to counter such Yellow Journalism? This is where our responsibility starts. As an educated citizen of the country, we should use our mind to extract which information is real or which one is fabricated.

We can use social networking sites to counter such attempts to pollute our mind. We should also oppose any rumours from spreading and causing hatred. We should write letters to such publications and media house informing them of mistake on their part. Complaints can be made to Broadcasting Content Complaint Council against offending material.

As a conclusion, I would like to add that our responsibility has increased manifold in the Information Age to filter out what is correct and what’s wrong. We need to observe it with utmost sincerity. Feel free to comment if you have any ideas on this.

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 When we were growing up during the 90’s, they used to feed us with the stories of  Mowgli, Mahabharata and Ramayana. We were told the stories of Mahatma Gandhi, Azad and Bhagat Singh to build our characters. At that time I used to think why all the great persons were born in an era past gone by?

For almost 23 years of my life I was sure that we may not get to see another Mahapurusha on the lines of Gandhi and Lord Rama. Perhaps it was the destiny or material times in which we live that they did not make these men anymore.

But came circa 2011 and my theory was put to rest. We saw the advent of Anna Hazare and his team in the national consciousness. Whether they are successful or not time will tell but they have given us a new prospectiveEarlier Government used to present bills in the parliament and pass them without any debate in the public domain. For the first time we saw a great debate on a bill-the Janlokpal bill. Earlier we as a general public were unperturbed by the nuances of bills. This is highly surprising considering that these laws affect us greatly. Almost everyone including yours truly is guilty of doing that.

So Anna Hazare and his team knowingly or unknowingly brought this fact to our consciousness. I believe that being a citizen especially the educated ones to understand at least the gist of a bill. It will do us no harm and will help us to understand how it can come to our aid and benefit. We can comprehend the merits and demerits of the law so that we can question our representatives in the parliament.

The govt. of India also should take this example as a template for future. They should bring every draft to the public domain and the elected representatives should come forward to explain their thoughts on it. They can at least upload it on websites so that people can access the draft. In this regard, I like the way “ India against corruption “ group worked. They uploaded all the versions on the internet for general public and helped in understanding the draft. Media can also play an important role as demonstrated during the past month.

However as a citizen it’s also our duty to participate fully in the democracy in some way or another. I salute the way people like Sh. Arvind Kezrival rose from the ranks and demonstrated the great spirit.

What do you think can be done to make this process better and more transparent. Feel free to comment as all the views are important.

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Internet and Mobile Phone:Instruments for success of India

Recently I got the honour of attending a guest lecture by Mr. Pankaj Kedia (Father of Intel Atom Processor) while participating in Cognizance’10 at IIT-R. He put forward a very interesting insight about technology boom in India.

His observation went like this:-

“Although mobile phone usage in India is pretty impressive but the number of broadband users in India is still very low.  Every four  man,woman or child of India has access to mobile phones while only 7% of 1.8 billion strong population has access to broadband internet.”

No doubt Mr. Pankaj Kedia was disappointed by this statistic.

You must be wondering what is the point of  these statistic. Well these statistic may seem to be  a mere figure to you but they contain the key to India’s future success.

Now you must be thinking how fast speed Internet and mobile phone can contribute to India’s economy. For that let me make you understand by an example.

In Bangladesh, Muhammad Yunus had his idea of providing villages with mobile phone connectivity. He formed a Grameen Bank which later formed an alliance with Telenor to provide GSM mobile facility in Bangladesh. They also  provided loans to poor villagers to purchase smart phone and taught them how to use it and earn by turning them into payphone.This way a large rural population was connected.

Also along with connectivity rural population was able to access Internet as they had smartphones at their disposal. So they were enabled to access information about new scientific methods of farming  and other information like latest crop  pattern etc. This way farmers were able to increase their agricultural yield and were connected to te markets in cities and town by their mobile phones.

During this phase,Bangladesh witnessed a huge leap in their Gross domestic product. That too without any industrial development and infrastructure development.

Such is the power of Internet which according to me the greatest invention of last century. It is a vast repository of knowledge. Just think when  Internet can contribute so much to the growth of Bangladesh,what will it do to the 1.18 billion strong Indian population?

No doubt we can use Internet as a tool for the development of India but the big Question is how to spread Internet in such a vast and poor country like India. Laptops and P.C. are not affordable for everyone specially when 20% of population is still below poverty line.

The answer to this problem lies in Mobile phone. We can implement the Grameen Phone system in INDIA to equip our rural population with Smartphone to provide high speed connectivity. Soon 3G services will be launched in India, so we have the infrastructure in our country. With knowledge at their disposal,rural people will be able to understand market better and will be able to increase their agricultural throughput.

But here too there is an issue. Most of the content on I nternet is in English in which our rural population is not very comfortable. So we need to create good content in local language on Internet so that more people can understand it and benefit.

Well this requires a lot of labour and Youngsters need to come forward to develop good quality local content on internet such as a networking site for farmers in Hindi on lines of facebook and Orkut where they can share their knowledge on a common plateform. This should not be a problem as we have a huge I.T. infrastructure, we have benefit of that.

The challenge to provide high quality content in local language on Internet via mobile phones to rural and small town population is not easy but then it is not impossible too. What we need is a contribution from our youth and some grit and determination so that India does not lag behind.

This is the best time for progress and we need not only to walk on path of development but run fast and for running fast we need a vehicle which is Smartphone running on the fuel of Internet.”

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Recently the most headline grabbing issue was the tiff between SRK and ShivSena. This tiff has been attributed to former’s remarks about Pak cricketer’s snub by IPL. Shah Rukh Khan sympathized with Pakistani players much to the chagrin of Shivseniks. The Shivseniks being self anointed “custodian” of Maratha Asmita and sole certificate giver of Indianness of an Indian citizen were annoyed by these remarks and resorted to their eccentric way of protesting King khan by trying to block his upcoming release “My Name is Khan”.

Nothing unusual given the past histrionics of the Shivsena. But this very protest style often puts a big question mark over one’s fundamental rights for e.g. right to freedom of speech. They also protest actively against North Indian immigrants working in Mumbai. Again they are violating here right of freedom to work anywhere in the country with dignity. They say that the jobs in Mumbai are meant for Marathis only as companies are in Mumbai.

Well my point is that most of these industries are run and owned by Non-Marathis like Mr Mukesh Ambani and several others. And also the market that they cater to is not restricted to Maharashtra only. So the Marathis cannot claim them as their sole proprietary.

Secondly there are many Marathis working and studying in various other cities like Delhi & N.C.R.  So in accordance to Shivsena policy  they must be thrown out from these cities too because they were not born there.

Mr Bal Thackray and his family members need to ponder over these points as the same treatment can be slashed out on Marathis too elsewhere. Obviously it will not be good to our national integration. All states are dependent on each other for their various needs and mutual development.

However one more angle to this whole scenario is there to be understood. Mumbai is facing severe crisis in providing civil amenities to ever growing population. We need to help states like Bihar and U.P. to develop to such an extent so that their natives need not to go out for jobs. Central govt. need to play an important role here as regional development imbalances are prime roots of these ugly scenes we are witnessing in Mumbai and elsewhere.

There is a very good article written by Chetan Bhagat over this issue which gives a good insight and is thought provoking. Here is the link:

Looking forward to your comments Netizens.

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Do we really love India?

There are times when my mind really goes into deep thoughts. One such time is when I look towards our national symbol namely emblem,animal, language etc. It really amazes me that whatever comes under the bracket of “NATIONAL” is under threat and utter neglect. You want example, well, here are they as under-


How many of you know about the only working class allowed to carry national emblem on their dress? Do you know from where our national emblem has  been taken?


Yes I certainly know Hindi is not exactly a national language but state language but still have we given it the status it deserves. Many of you know and read about Chetan Bhagat’s novels but how many of you read Hindi novels. Will you dare to read a Premchand in a café instead of Dan Brown and Chetan Bhagat?


You must have seen the ad promos of AIRCEL featuring “PROJECT TIGER”. Do I need to say more?


Well a well known motorcycle company is appealing all Indians to give their hearts again to the Hockey. Do you know that the Hockey World Cup is undergoing nowadays in India. Our other National sport Kabaddi is also in dire state. We all watch IPL but have you bothered to watch and cheer your national sports .


How many of us know which one is ur national song and which one is our national anthem and who wrote them? Can you sing it all by yourself. Do you bother to stand erect when they are played?


Have you seen Peacock in your locality recently.If you have then you are really lucky, as many have been killed as some morons relish its meat and are rarely seen now.

Folks please brood our these questions and ask yourself . We are proud of our Nation,are not we? Then why we neglect our national symbols.Please introspect and think.  Can we really claim to love India when we have no care for our National symbols. well I think we cannot. This is food for the thought.

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दुनिया एक मेला हैं,हम इसकी भीड़ का एक हिस्सा
चाहे तो इसकी भीड़ मैं खो जाओ
चाहे तो इससे हटकर दिखलाओ.
चाहे तो इसके इतिहास मैं कही खो जाओ
चाहे तो इतिहास का एक सुनहरा पल बन जाओ.
चाहे तो आगे बढ़कर स्वयं को पहचान लो
चाहे तोह अपनी पहचान भुलाकर
ऐसे ही मिट जाओ .
चाहे तो इसके गर्भ मैं समां जाओ
चाहे तो अपनी माँ की कोख
का क़र्ज़ चूका जाओ.
चाहे तो जीकर भी मर जाओ
चाहे तोह मरकर भी अमर हो जाओ.
यह तुम्हारी चाह हैं
जो चाहो कर वोह कर जाओ.

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