Do we really love India?

There are times when my mind really goes into deep thoughts. One such time is when I look towards our national symbol namely emblem,animal, language etc. It really amazes me that whatever comes under the bracket of “NATIONAL” is under threat and utter neglect. You want example, well, here are they as under-


How many of you know about the only working class allowed to carry national emblem on their dress? Do you know from where our national emblem has  been taken?


Yes I certainly know Hindi is not exactly a national language but state language but still have we given it the status it deserves. Many of you know and read about Chetan Bhagat’s novels but how many of you read Hindi novels. Will you dare to read a Premchand in a café instead of Dan Brown and Chetan Bhagat?


You must have seen the ad promos of AIRCEL featuring “PROJECT TIGER”. Do I need to say more?


Well a well known motorcycle company is appealing all Indians to give their hearts again to the Hockey. Do you know that the Hockey World Cup is undergoing nowadays in India. Our other National sport Kabaddi is also in dire state. We all watch IPL but have you bothered to watch and cheer your national sports .


How many of us know which one is ur national song and which one is our national anthem and who wrote them? Can you sing it all by yourself. Do you bother to stand erect when they are played?


Have you seen Peacock in your locality recently.If you have then you are really lucky, as many have been killed as some morons relish its meat and are rarely seen now.

Folks please brood our these questions and ask yourself . We are proud of our Nation,are not we? Then why we neglect our national symbols.Please introspect and think.  Can we really claim to love India when we have no care for our National symbols. well I think we cannot. This is food for the thought.


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One Response to Do we really love India?

  1. Ankit says:

    u really give da feeling of nationalism …… tell us something abt tradition

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