Recently the most headline grabbing issue was the tiff between SRK and ShivSena. This tiff has been attributed to former’s remarks about Pak cricketer’s snub by IPL. Shah Rukh Khan sympathized with Pakistani players much to the chagrin of Shivseniks. The Shivseniks being self anointed “custodian” of Maratha Asmita and sole certificate giver of Indianness of an Indian citizen were annoyed by these remarks and resorted to their eccentric way of protesting King khan by trying to block his upcoming release “My Name is Khan”.

Nothing unusual given the past histrionics of the Shivsena. But this very protest style often puts a big question mark over one’s fundamental rights for e.g. right to freedom of speech. They also protest actively against North Indian immigrants working in Mumbai. Again they are violating here right of freedom to work anywhere in the country with dignity. They say that the jobs in Mumbai are meant for Marathis only as companies are in Mumbai.

Well my point is that most of these industries are run and owned by Non-Marathis like Mr Mukesh Ambani and several others. And also the market that they cater to is not restricted to Maharashtra only. So the Marathis cannot claim them as their sole proprietary.

Secondly there are many Marathis working and studying in various other cities like Delhi & N.C.R.  So in accordance to Shivsena policy  they must be thrown out from these cities too because they were not born there.

Mr Bal Thackray and his family members need to ponder over these points as the same treatment can be slashed out on Marathis too elsewhere. Obviously it will not be good to our national integration. All states are dependent on each other for their various needs and mutual development.

However one more angle to this whole scenario is there to be understood. Mumbai is facing severe crisis in providing civil amenities to ever growing population. We need to help states like Bihar and U.P. to develop to such an extent so that their natives need not to go out for jobs. Central govt. need to play an important role here as regional development imbalances are prime roots of these ugly scenes we are witnessing in Mumbai and elsewhere.

There is a very good article written by Chetan Bhagat over this issue which gives a good insight and is thought provoking. Here is the link:

Looking forward to your comments Netizens.


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