When we were growing up during the 90’s, they used to feed us with the stories of  Mowgli, Mahabharata and Ramayana. We were told the stories of Mahatma Gandhi, Azad and Bhagat Singh to build our characters. At that time I used to think why all the great persons were born in an era past gone by?

For almost 23 years of my life I was sure that we may not get to see another Mahapurusha on the lines of Gandhi and Lord Rama. Perhaps it was the destiny or material times in which we live that they did not make these men anymore.

But came circa 2011 and my theory was put to rest. We saw the advent of Anna Hazare and his team in the national consciousness. Whether they are successful or not time will tell but they have given us a new prospectiveEarlier Government used to present bills in the parliament and pass them without any debate in the public domain. For the first time we saw a great debate on a bill-the Janlokpal bill. Earlier we as a general public were unperturbed by the nuances of bills. This is highly surprising considering that these laws affect us greatly. Almost everyone including yours truly is guilty of doing that.

So Anna Hazare and his team knowingly or unknowingly brought this fact to our consciousness. I believe that being a citizen especially the educated ones to understand at least the gist of a bill. It will do us no harm and will help us to understand how it can come to our aid and benefit. We can comprehend the merits and demerits of the law so that we can question our representatives in the parliament.

The govt. of India also should take this example as a template for future. They should bring every draft to the public domain and the elected representatives should come forward to explain their thoughts on it. They can at least upload it on websites so that people can access the draft. In this regard, I like the way “ India against corruption “ group worked. They uploaded all the versions on the internet for general public and helped in understanding the draft. Media can also play an important role as demonstrated during the past month.

However as a citizen it’s also our duty to participate fully in the democracy in some way or another. I salute the way people like Sh. Arvind Kezrival rose from the ranks and demonstrated the great spirit.

What do you think can be done to make this process better and more transparent. Feel free to comment as all the views are important.


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