Politics or hatred?

Remember those times when even opponents used to have mutual admiration for each other. When people used to act out of respect and humility towards their competitions.

It’s still prevalent in sports, for example, R. Nadael and R. Federer have great mutual respect for each other. Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne never said ill about each other. Even in technology and business fields, we have examples like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They were fierce competitors but never uttered a word of disrespect against each other.

However i do not understand why same can’t happen in Indian politics. Why Congress and BJP or any other parties are engaged in mud- slinging rather than a constructive debate.  Instead of fighting on Twitter and on streets, they can keep some decency and engage in a constructive dialog and positive criticism.

It is right to find fault in each other ideologies however using names like “Maut Ka Saudagar” and “Khooni Panja” does not reek of mutual decency. It seems like a race of hurling abuses and counterattacks.

Dear Leaders, Please take a note and try to be a bit decent and well- mannered. Whole nation looks upto you and deserves a basic personality trait which all of educated follows must have- a behaviour that confirms to standards of respectability.

We want a proper political debate, not a race of hurling abuses. I hope better sense prevails.



About Prateek

I am a geek with views on almost everything.
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