Predictions for Mobile OS platforms for coming year.

It’s an interesting era for technology freaks. We are witnessing a rapid development in all around consumer and industrial technology field. Especially, Mobile technology has been quite hot for few years now. Apple, Google and Samsung have been clear winners with Microsoft and Blackberry lagging behind. However recent events may throw up some new winners next year.

Windows has been trying hard to push its mobile platform with its collaboration with Nokia. Nokia seems to be only OEM interested in Windows mobile after their own Symbian failed and they wrongly left Meego OS behind. The collaboration did not produce great numbers for both however at least kept the platform floating. Some of the devices in Lumia have done well especially the lowered priced ones like Lumia 620. However still they are behind Google and Apple which remain top two players.However MS is going to takeover Nokia’s mobile business soon and it throws up some interesting prospects.

Microsoft charges Nokia for using its mobile OS platform on their Lumia range. After its acquisition of Nokia, it can decrease the prices of newer and existing devices to make them more attractive for consumers. With time, they are likely to catch up in app department as well. We also know Windows mobile OS is not very hardware resource hungry and MS can offer some really inexpensive devices which can help it pose as a serious contender in developing markets like China and India.

Another interesting case is of Blackberry. They introduced BB OS 10 however their fortunes never changed for better. They were even up for sale but now it has been put up on hold. However they can still survive as a niche player. Their OS is considered to be more secured and they still have large government contracts in US and Canada. Their Enerprise email service and Messaging services are still top notch. I believe Blackberry will try to position as a niche service provider and try to stay relevant in Enterprise market. In the interim, they can try to work on latest OS and make it popular.

So we can see that bottom rung players still have a chance. However Android will still be the King. They have made their new version Android 4.4 KitKat less resource hungry and targeting for next billion devices. It can be run easily on devices having memory as low as 512 MB. This will allow lesser known brands like Xiomi and Micromax to reduce their cost and compete on even footing with the King Samsung. Samsung is likely to be challenged by these contenders in developing markets with greater force.

Then we have upcoming Linux based platform like Mozilla and Ubuntu which have earned a fair share of press this year and are likely to come up with more device ideas next year. Hence we are going to see a lot of action ! Fasten your seat belts and enjoy.


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