Religious rituals and modern sensibilities

One should practice ideally all great things one has been taught like religion for example but practicing religion does not mean that we go out of way in doing so. Again a balance between religious belief and modern sensibilities is required. In India especially we tend to forget that. Almost each one of us has been annoyed by long and loud bhajans being sung by not so sweet voice singers during JAGRATAS. It is as if people behind these jagratas want not only themselves to be involved but the whole universe.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not like any other “modern” teenager protesting the rituals but in fact I am a firm believer in them myself. But what intrigues me is that why use amplifiers and speakers while appeasing MATA and other Gods. They are certainly not deaf. They are almighty. They can hear our innermost prayers originating in heart. Can’t we simply respect privacy of others keep the volume low so that Jagratas instead of becoming noise become joyful singing the praises of the God. This way we can practice our religion and also be thoughtful towards rightful privacy and peace of others. This is the food for  thought.

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